Traditions have long played a part in many families, and this was no exception in Jillian's family.

When Jillian was growing up, Sunday dinner meant Chinese food night - everything from Chicken Chow Mein to Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. But for young Jillian, the best part always came at the end ... the fortune cookie.

One Sunday Jillian carefully chose her fortune cookie. She cracked it open with the usual anticipation. The fortune read: "This will be your destiny." Puzzled with this peculiar fortune, she saved it, knowing that one day its meaning would come to her. And years later it did.

While browsing at a flea market, Jillian found a handwritten recipe for fortune cookies tucked inside an old book of Chinese proverbs. With this age old secret she dared to make a batch for a dinner party. After an evening filled with "WOW" Jillian's Great Fortune Cookies was founded.

Large, flavorful and decorative, these cookies are the perfect blend of east and west. Made with only the finest ingredients and presented with panache and style, you'll never feel the same about fortune cookies again.

Great fortune will be yours. Enjoy!

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