Q: Do the cookies actually contain fortunes?

A: YES. Each and every cookie gets a fortune or message of your choice put inside. We can even put other items inside the cookie, such as money, tickets, gift cards - even a ring box!

Q: Is it safe to make a purchase online using a credit card?

A: YES. We take the issue of security very seriously. Using an SSL, API, all orders and payment information sent from our WEbserver will be encrypted using industry standard RC4 1024-bit encryption with SSL Version 3. This encrypted and secure data is routed, decrypted and processed. All processed information (approved/declined transactions) are then re-encrypted and sent securely back to the web site. The Cardservice International SSL API guarantees that the orders and payment information generated by the merchant's web server remain totally secure.

Q: Can I order your fortune cookies by phone?

A: YES. To order by phone or for quantity discounts phone us at 800.829.8401.

Q: What are your customer support and service hours?

A: We try and keep to a 9 am to 5 pm schedule, Monday through Friday, Mountain time, but often work later and on the weeekend, so go ahead and give us a call -we might just answer at an odd time!

Q: Can I order your fortune cookies with a personal check or money order?

A: YES. But you'll have to call in your order by phone to do so. Also, your check will have to clear before any cookies are shipped out.

Q: Do we sell our customer mailing/email information to other companies?

A:ABSOLUTELY NOT! We respect your privacy and DO NOT sell or share any of your information to other companies.

Q: Are your cookies really as good as people say they are?

A: YES! Our cookies are unbelievably good! The best-tasting fortune cookie you will ever have or give. Try one today!

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