Three words that describe the best-tasting fortune cookie ever!

Our giant fortune cookies are the most unique way to say ANYTHING you want. An edible greeting card, you can write your own custom fortune to go inside the cookie or choose from a variety of pre-written fortunes.

Planning a party? The fortune inside the cookie can be the invitation! Or use the cookie as a party favor or as a place card seating or both! These cookies can ask someone to marry them, announce the birth of a new baby or be used as self-promotion!

Of course they make great gifts for all occasions... birthday, thank you, get well, engagement, wedding, the list goes on and on.

Companies can thank clients for their business or referral, reward employees,

or use them as a creative marketing tool insuring customer retention.

About the cookies...

Our fortune cookies are all hand-made and hand-dipped using only the finest, all natural ingredients. These aren't your typical Chinese restaurant variety either! The recipe is secret, but we guarantee it will be the best-tasting fortune cookie you will ever have!

We currently offer two sizes: "great" and "great mini." Our "great" cookies measure a whopping 23" in circumference, or 7-8" in diameter  (think football!) Our "great mini's" measure approximately 12" in circumference or 4-5" in diameter (think softball.) Both sizes come traditional (plain), dipped in chocolate (white, milk or dark), chocolate with sprinkles (many to choose from-check out toppings) or chocolate with nuts (almond or peanut.)

All cookies come individually double wrapped in clear cellophane bags with colorful shred

at the bottom and tied with matching raffia. We typically use red shred and raffia, but colors can be customized to fit any company, theme or occasion.

To order by phone or for quantity discounts, call locally (Metro Detroit) at 248.543.9919 or toll-free at 800.829.8401 M-F 9 am-5 pm, EST. If you are local, the cookies may be picked up directly from us in Ferndale, avoiding shipping charges. Please phone to arrange pick-up. In addition, a selection of pre-written fortune cookies can be found at Greetings From.... in West Bloomfield.


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