Giant Fortune Cookie Fable


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess named Jillian who loved to make Giant Fortune Cookies. Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies were the best tasting Giant Fortune Cookies in all the land. People throughout the mythical land of Michigan loved Jillian and her Giant Fortune Cookies.

One day Jillian decided she and her Giant Fortune Cookies needed new and greater challenges. Jillian was young and full of energy and entrepreneurial spirit, so she packed up her Giant Fortune Cookies and all the toppings and moved out to the fabled, golden land of California. There were Giant Fortune Cookies in California, but soon all Californians learned just how good a Giant Fortune Cookie could and should be when they tasted Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies.

It wasn’t long before a clamor rose throughout the great nation of the United States of America, and all Americans were demanding a taste of Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies. Americans were not to be denied the divine taste of Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies. People wrote their congress, gathered signatures on petitions and organized their efforts through civil disobedience measures so that they too could have access to Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies.

The young princess Jillian was working hard to meet the needs of the scores of people demanding access to her Giant Fortune Cookies. Jillian felt she no longer had a choice she had to give the people what they wanted so she launched where all people gained equal access to her Giant Fortune Cookies!

Today Jillian still makes her Giant Fortune Cookies the same way she always has, with love and care and only the finest ingredients. Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies are not made by a machine. Her Giant Fortune Cookies are made by her own hands, with love.

The princess Jillian lives by the bay in California, where a touch of the sea air kisses each Giant Fortune Cookie. To learn more about Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies click over to her homepage at

Once you’ve tried one of Jillian’s Giant Fortune Cookies, you will never settle for anything less.



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